Yolanda Zawisny,Esq. was born and raised in New York. She was brought up in a Polish speaking home, her parents having emigrated from Poland.

Ms. Zawisny received her Bachelor of Science degree with honors in an accelerated three-year program from New York University's Stern School of Business. Upon Completion of her undergraduate degree, Yolanda was offered a position with Citigroup.

While establishing her real estate brokerage franchise in Greenpoint, New York, Ms. Zawisny enrolled an accelerated two year program at Benjamin Cardozo School of Law, from where she received her Juris Doctor.

Ms. Yolanda Zawisny has been a member of the legal team at Zawisny & Zawisny for the past fifteen years. Yolanda specializes in Commercial Litigation, with emphasis on Scaffolding and Construction Accident Litigation. Ms. Zawisny, Esq. is licensed to practice in the State of New York and New Jersey. Ms. Zawisny is fluent in Polish.