here at zawisny & zawisny, p.c.

We strive to exceed the expectations of those we serve through our dedication to making their needs a priority. Close-working relationships define the culture and service philosophy of our firm. Our commitment is to our clients. The core of our business strategy is having a legal team devoted to expediting cases with success. We work closely with our clients and pride ourselves on keeping our clients informed and abreast of their matter.

The law firm of Zawisny & Zawisny, P.C. specializes in the following areas of law; criminal, corporate, real estate, family law, estates, personal injury and immigration. With clients as diverse as our areas of practice Zawisny & Zawisny, P.C. caters to all.

Zawisny & Zawisny, P.C. serves clients from diverse backgrounds and understands the varying needs of each client. We employ Polish, Russian, Chinese and Ukrainian speaking staff to help facilitate close and open communication with our clients. We maintain a strong influence within the Polish community and work closely with the American and Polish authorities to expedite cases efficiently and effectively.