Consular law


Vital Records Registration

In order to obtain a Polish passport, Polish authorities require submission of the Polish birth certificate and/or Polish marriage certificate.
If the person was born and/or married in the United States, the American documents need to be registered in Poland.
Registered in Poland vital records are also required in estate matters pending before Polish courts.

Obtaining Documents from Poland

In many instances persons who emigrated from Poland long ago do not posses any Polish documents, vital records, etc. Our firm handles above situations and obtains documents from Poland.

Polish Citizenship Cases

Persons of Polish origin, who were born in the United States, and who are over 18 years old, in order to obtain Polish/EU passport or other documents are required to submit proof of their Polish citizenship.
Therefore, they need to carry out the procedure of confirmation of possession of Polish citizenship.
In many cases, even persons whose grandparents emigrated from Poland to the United States after World War I may qualify to obtain Polish citizenship.